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Hoot is an Idaho dept of real estate licensed broker

And property management certified

I sold my last home in the summer of 2005.  I had purchased the home in early 2000 and it nearly doubled in value by mid-2005.  Believing that this price appreciation was not only unsustainable, I thought it possible there could be serious repercussions to everyone involved in this manic buying spree should prices reverse themselves. By 2009, that same home was worth nearly 50% less than what I sold it for.  True, property values have recovered since then and real estate investors have fared well in recent years.

At this same time, I met a group of people in Orange County, CA, who had a small, but very successful mortgage company.  The company had a senior member there who at one time, was one of Orange County CA's largest builders.  With more and more people starting to default on their mortgages, he created a business to aid people in the notice of default stage using stand-alone second deeds of trust.  I was invited to join the firm as it seemed to be a timely idea and something I wanted to learn more about.  Little did we know at the time, the real estate price correction would be so severe that people who were receiving notice of default's - had zero equity left in their properties and would therefore not qualify for a stand-alone second.  Homeowners then began to default on their mortgages in mass which launched the loan modification movement.  Clearly, the business did not last very long, but it was a great learning experience.

During my training there, I decided to get my CA real estate brokers license. I then brokered loans for a small group of highly experienced loan officers and began conducting real estate transactions.  I have done one commercial property and the balance being residential transactions.  I have also completed about 100 broker price opinions (BPO's) for a major loan servicing company. I recently let my CA real estate brokers license expire and today, I am a licensed real estate broker in the beautiful State of Idaho.

I then became interested in learning more about property management.  I hooked up with a couple of different property managers in order to gain some experience by managing multi-unit and single dwelling residential properties. Today, I am C.A.R.property management certified. 

Idaho Real Estate Commission License #DB47622

"It was a pleasure having Hoot represent us in the sale of our property.  He was always pleasant, professional, and kept us completely up-to-date on all of the details related to our transaction.  We never worried because he was always fully prepared to care for our needs and interests." J Ovando, Jr.

"Hoot recently helped me with the purchase of a commercial building.  He was always available to answer any questions that I had.  I felt that everything was done in a timely manner and he always kept me well informed throughout the process. Hoot was also very professional and kind.  I definitely recommend him for any real estate needs."  Pastor David Asencio,  Victory Outreach, Brawley, CA

"I have been in the property maintenance business for 30 yrs. I have witnessed Hoot institute dramatic improvements in the property he is managing. Hoot is truly tenant conscious. He responds to all tenant request immediately.  I would recommend any potential new tenant to live at any property Hoot is managing."  Greg Bernor