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You owe it to yourself to investigate Short Term Medical 

Short Term Medical (STM) is a health insurance plan where one can obtain health coverage for a lot less money than traditional ACA plans.  I can get you a quote in just a couple of minutes.  Just text, or email me your Date Of Birth, zip code and email address.

In addition to Short Term Medical, I recommend everyone carry an Accident Medical Expense Supplemental policy to help cover their deductible resulting from a visit to the emergency room due to an accident.

It is estimated that more than 50% of all medical claims are due to an accident. Did you know that an estimated 47% of accidents happen at home!  Consider adding an ACCIDENT MEDICAL EXPENSE PLAN to your major medical plan.

A special note to those living in the Las Vegas/Henderson area.  Even though there can be many benefits to living in Las Vegas, the fact remains, people drive around this town intoxicated 24/7. A family member who was sent to the emergency room from being T-Boned at 9:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning by a 20 something who decided to hit and run from the accident. Stories like this are common here in Las Vegas.  Adding a supplemental accident medical supplement to the underlying hospitalization and physician coverage makes a tremendous amount of financial sense in the event of a trip to the emergency room as the result of an accident.  This additional coverage can help pay all, or part, of your deductible depending on the benefits.  It is estimated that 50% (or more) of insurance claims are due to accidents. The average emergency room visit is estimated to cost about $3,600.00 for a broken arm.  For a few dollars more per month, one can add a supplemental medical accident policy, or a combination accident and critical illness policy- and thereby create a well thought out medical plan.  Critical illness policies pay the face amount on the diagnosis of certain life-threatening diseases.

According to a study (see links page) Nevadans are more likely than residents of three neighboring states to contract and die of cancer.  Clearly, a critical illness supplemental is a solid recommendation as a stand-alone policy, or in conjunction with other coverage.  Additionally, employers might consider purchasing critical illness and term life insurance for their employees - in order to offset the risk of potentially losing a valuable employee.

Shortly after coming into office, President Trump signed an Executive Order extending the contract term for Short Term Medical from 6 months to 12 months... It is clear that President Trump understands how attractive Short Term Medical is for consumers vs. an ACA plan which for many has become unaffordable.  Short Term Medical coverage is a great option for those seeking a sensible alternative.

Call me for a quote to see if Short Term Medical meets your health insurance needs.

Premiums for Affordable Care Act plans have become unaffordable for many.  Many of these plan premiums are equal to a new car payment or even monthly rent!  Give me a call for a quote on Short Term Medical... Compare the two and you will see how much less expensive a Short Term Medical plan is for benefits that would compare to a Silver or Bronze ACA plan.

Short-Term Coverage was originally meant to cover time periods of six months and was not intended for the longer term until recently. Short-Term coverage is less expensive than major medical and can help save you money if you need protection for major services and do not require coverage for pre-existing conditions or day to day services like office visits and prescriptions. 

A note to understanding Short Term Medical... Short Term Medical does not cover everything that an ACA plan covers.  For example, STM does not cover prescriptions, maternity, children's dental, mental conditions or issues related to anxiety... STM medical is meant for people who are in reasonably good health but want coverage for the unexpected, (like an auto accident) or other medically necessary issues, up to $1 million to $2 million. 

Understand your plan  benefits and exclusions!  If you to go to an emergency room for what you might think is a heart condition but turns out to not be heart related, be prepared to pay your deductible from an extraordinary hospital bill.  I have a close relative who has a thyroid issue... If his med's get just slightly off, he can experience a health issue that appears to be a heart attack but is not.  On one such visit to a local hospital that advertises how compassionate they are, he went to emergency where they gave him a shot of morphine for pain and within two hours determined they could not find anything wrong with him and promptly issued him a bill for $19,000. 

Another helpful example:  Weekend binge drinking can cause heart palpitations that will mimic a heart attack... Binge drinking can also cause pancreatitis with pain emanating from the back, again leading one to feel they are having a heart attack.  The attending emergency room physician will likely administer some type of pain reliever and discharge the patient within hours with instructions to drink only clear liquids for a week.  Recovery is likely, but one will still be facing a huge emergency room bill.  Be sure you understand what your deductible and max out of pocket is... Be clear of what your potential financial exposure is when running off to an emergency room.

Hoot is licensed for life and health insurance in Arizona, California, Florida, Idaho, Nevada, Texas, and Virginia. 

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